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Why insulate?

Simply the best way to save energie

In a world where the prices for energy continuously increase, where a shortage of fuels exists and CO2 emission need a considerable reduction, is has become extremely important to use the available energy in a economical way.

Of the best ways do this, is the use of thermal insulation. Insulation reduces the transfer of energy (heat or cold) between two areas and has the following advantages:

  • Positive contributions to the environment: people are the main cause of global warming. Extra heat is retained through the emission of greenhouse gases. This causes the earth to warm up, resulting in the rising of sea levels and extreme weather conditions. CO2 is the most important greenhouse gas that is expelled by humans and is released during the extraction of energy. When buildings are insulated, less energy is needed for heating / air conditioning. This will reduce CO2 emissions, which has a positive contribution to the climate and the environment.
  • Improving comfort of living: when it's cold outside we all love a warm house that gives us a cozy and comfortable feeling! Insulation ensures that the heat stays in the house and does not disappear outside through walls, roofs, etc. If outside temperatures are very high, insulation helps to keep the heat outside.
  • Reduction of costs: insulation ensures that the temperature in a room remains constant and just as little as possible heat or cold air will be lost. This means that less energy has to be used for the use of the heating and cooling which results in low energy costs.
  • Increasing a building’s value: more and more buildings and houses are being sold with energy labels which play an important role in determining the value of a property.  Well insulating of a property has a direct impact on the value of in case of a possible sale.

Other advantages:

In addition to saving energy and the associated benefits as described above, insulation can help with:

Keeping moisture and fungi outside. This is important not only for human health but also for the construction of a building. Moisture and fungi can seriously affect constructions.

Improving the fire safety of buildings: good quality insulation can play a crucial role in limiting flame and smoke spreading in case of fire. More information about fire safety and how Multi Protect Foam and Multi Protect Board can contribute to this can be found on our website.

VIC International's phenolic foam known as Multi Protect Foam is known for its high thermal performance. The Lambda (also called thermal conductivity) has a typical value of 0.021 W / mK (Watts per meter Kelvin). This is considerably lower than other insulation products in the market such as mineral wool, PIR, EPS and PUR. Lambda value shows how well the material can conduct heat or cold.

Good insulation has the lowest possible lambda value to reduce heat loss. A Lambda value of 0.021 W /mK therefore not only provides a better performance with regards to energy loss, it can also offer the solution in structures where there is little space to insulate, but where a low energy loss is required. Phenolic foam is known for the use of a thinner insulation layer compared to other products for a comparable energy performance.

why insulate?