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The importance of closed cell phenolic foams

Not all phenolic foams are the same! From the outside it is hard to tell the difference between phenolic foams. This does not mean however that these foams are the same on the inside.

One of the most important features to distinguish between various phenolic foam products is whether the design of the foam is open or closed cell.

A brief history of Insulation

It is commonly known that the Egyptians were famous for their building and construction capabilities. But what might be less self-evident is that they were among the first to use insulation by creating mud stones that kept out the intense heat during the day and in during the cooler desert nights.

Still many victims and damage due to fires in 2017?

The answer to this question is unfortunately still “ yes” . When we only review last year’s fires in Dubai (Torch Tower, Sulafa Tower), England (Grenfell Tower) and closer to our home, the huge amount of fires in industrial building and stables, we can only conclude that the buildings are still unsafe regarding fire around the world. This results in many victims, plus damage which costs over millions.