Foam equipment


VIC International offers you a wide range of foaming and converting machines related to our products. Whether you require a complete plant or a small machine we can support you with our technology to build or grow your business.

We are able to provide all kind of equipment, including Phenolic Block Production, Foiling Machines, Foil Line, Panel Line, Foil Guillotine and Laminator.

All our machinery is developed by our in-house team of experts, with many years of experience in the field of production and converting of Phenolic Foam.

With our machines you will be able to produce a Phenolic Foam that fulfills the fire tests according European standard B/BL,S1,D0 and  American ASTM E84, plus a thermal conductivity of 0,021 W/mK or better. In addition to our machinery portfolio, we are also open to investigate custom-made solutions for your products and its applications.

Phenolic Block Production
We offer a complete machine to produce high quality Phenolic Foam with excellent thermal conductivity and fire properties.
Our discontinuous block machine is built to fit your demand of blocks and is controlled by our own computer system.

Foiling Machine
For making your own pipe sections we have invented a special automated machine, which can automatically apply aluminium foil on your pipe sections. This machine, in combination with our Foiling Line, allows you to increase your production of Lineair Meters / Hour at lower labour costs.

Foiling Line
This line has been created to serve the Foiling Machine, and applies our special adhesive on your pipe sections. The adhesive, developed in cooperation with DPS International is a waterbased adhesive, which will be activated in our Foiling Machine.

Panel line
VIC International offers you a complete cutting line to convert blocks into sheets trough a combination of cutting, grinding  and dedusting.
This line is ideal for producing high volume continuous sheets.

Foil Guillotine
With our Foil Guillotine you will be able to cut your facings, (eg. aluminium foil), for pipe sections and sheets in high amounts, eliminating manual handling.

VIC International provides you a laminator, to produce sheets with different types of facings.